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Science and Spirit of Near Death Experiences


You can keep wondering what it’s like to be dead, or you can ask the experts. We are in the midst of a huge public awakening to the phenomenon of the Near Death Experience (NDE) and its scientific and spiritual implications.

Our live panel discussion was held by two leading experts in the field and two NDE survivors.

Sign up here to watch our live panel replay with special guest, Dr. Jeffrey Long (radiation oncologist, founder of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation and featured in Aish's Beyond Belief: The Joy of Dying), who discussed NDE with Stephanie Arnold, Maureen Kinsey and Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll.


Jeffrey Long is a medical doctor specializing in the practice of radiation oncology, using radiation to treat cancer in Houma, Louisiana.

Dr. Jeffrey Long

As a scientist, Jeff founded Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) in 1998. He wanted to know if NDEs were real by directly asking the NDErs themselves. The answer is a resounding YES! As a result of his research, he is the author of the New York Times Best Seller, "Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences." As a leading NDE researcher and a medical doctor, Jeff has appeared on national media including O'Rielly Factor, NBC today, ABC with Peter Jennings, the Dr. Oz Show, the History Channel, the Learning Channel, and National Geographic. He has also appeared on Fox News Houston and at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Stephanie Arnold

Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll

Maureen Kinsey

Stephanie is an award-winning, international best-selling author, inspirational speaker and thought leader on a mission to help others realize that connecting with their sixth sense can not only enhance their lives, but can very well save them.

Stephanie’s background and experiences allow her to connect with diverse audiences, whether through her book, speaking engagements, or media appearances. Prior to sharing her own story in her best-selling book, 37 Seconds, Stephanie enjoyed a decades-long career helping others share their stories as an Emmy-Nominated TV Producer. In her personal life, Stephanie is a wife and mother with a deep appreciation of her Latina-Jewish heritage.    

With her story inspiring millions of people around the globe, Stephanie now dedicates her time to speaking and advocacy work, spreading awareness about positive doctor-patient communication, trauma recovery, and discovering meaning and purpose in our personal and professional lives.

During his 25 years as an academically oriented emergency physician, Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll experienced phenomena that science couldn’t explain, such as seeing souls leave their bodies at death; and he even communicated with them. His experiences began in childhood, after his brother died in a farm accident. After stepping away from clinical medicine, Dr. O’Driscoll published his award-winning memoir, Not Yet. Now, as an international speaker and an intuitive mentor, he connects souls to their highest self and their most authentic life path. 

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Maureen Kinsey, Ed.M., MA, Rev. is a professional therapist, guided
intuitive, author/editor, and speaker who studied and trained in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University. She began to study metaphysics and applied spirituality in earnest after a profound Near Death Experience (NDE).

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